The first issue of the University of Baltimore Law Review was published in Winter 1971. Volume 1 Issue 1 contained three student notes, several book reviews, and an article by then-Attorney General Francis B. Burch, an incredible achievement even for eleven ambitious evening students.

The journal has come a long way since that time. Four decades after the publication of our first issue, with a staff of more than 70 students, the Law Review publishes three issues a year and uses an entirely digital production process. In addition, this student-run website offers an outlet for the timely publication of editorials, commentary, and legal scholarship for the Law Review staff and the local legal community as a whole. To access all previously published issues, please visit ScholarWorks.

Members of University of Baltimore Law Review, Volume 48

Executive Board
Editor-in-Chief: Matthew Allison
Managing Editor: Adrianne Blake
Production Editors: Brad Clark, Alexis Holiday, Jennifer Mahan, Katrina Smith
Articles Editor: Caitlin Rayhart
Comments Editor: Meghan Noone
Executive Editor: Sarah Simmons
Publication Editor: Martha Effinger
Business Editor: Hayley Hassan
Symposium Editor: Tia Holmes

Associate Board
Associate Managing Editors: Andrew Berg, Emily Schmidt, Jacob Waechter
Associate Comment Editors: Lauren Fleming, Reba Letsa, Meegan Smith, Kurt Wonilowicz

Staff Members
Herman Brown, Stephanie Broznowicz, Alanna Casey, Raquel Flynn, Alana Glover, Andrew Harvey, Shannon Hayden, Stacey Lounsbury, Batsheva Milikowsky, Lauren Mullin, Liam Rhodes, Emily Schreiber, Elizabeth Strunk, Sumbul Alam. Christina Araviakis, Elizabeth Barry, Dan Cornell, Emma Dorris, Ryan Fish, Jonathan Gross, Travis Jones, Tina Martin, Joseph Rossi, Curtis Snyder, Joseph Stephan, Eroncia Berry, James Beslity, Brent Conrad, Dominic DiMattia, Chase Eshelman, Catalina Habeych, Sarah Livingston, Tiffany Pyles, Rebekah Nickerson, Jessica Rotondo, Joe Samuels, Reginald Smallwood, Adrian Aldrich, Yitzchak Besser, La’Tika Howard, Nick Jordan, Angela Kershner, Liz McKelvy, Bridget Mentzer, Paul Rowedder, Emily Schultheis DiBenedetto, Connor Smith, Marissa Swecker

Faculty Adviser: Professor Robert Lande


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