The first issue of the University of Baltimore Law Review was published in Winter 1971. Volume 1 Issue 1 contained three student notes, several book reviews, and an article by then-Attorney General Francis B. Burch, an incredible achievement even for eleven ambitious evening students.

The journal has come a long way since that time. Four decades after the publication of our first issue, with a staff of more than fifty students, the Law Review publishes three issues a year and uses an entirely digital production process. In addition, this student-run website offers an outlet for the timely publication of editorials, commentary, and legal scholarship for the Law Review staff and the local legal community as a whole. To access all previously published issues, please visit ScholarWorks.

Members of University of Baltimore Law Review, Volume 50

Executive Board
Editor-in-Chief: J.J. Lucido
Managing Editor: Aaron Sarro
Assistant Managing Editor: Meredith Ashley
Production Editors: Jordan Cook, Jenna McGreevy, Kristin McManus & Lucas Van Deusen
Executive Editor: Victoria Devore
Articles Editor: Yemisi Giwa-Otusajo
Comments Editor: Taylor Bayat
Symposium Editor: Christian Coward
Publication Editor: Cassandra Brumback

Associate Board
Associate Managing Editors: Micah Millsaps, Evan Raigrodski
Associate Comment Editors: Madison Buchness, Jordan Culley, Kelsey Lear & Andrew Will

Staff Members
Zachary Babo, Christopher Barnes, Matthew Bendorf, Michael Blanchard, Lisa Blitstein, Patrick Brooks, John Chase, Celia Feldman, Julianna Felkoski, Joshua Gehret, Daniel Grossman, Ryan Hollen, Sina Jahanshahi, Zachary Jones, Joel Jordan, Taylor Kitzmiller, Regan Leavitt, Andrew Loewen, Kari Martiniano, Sabrina Marquez, Eliza McDermott, Samson Nabozny, Olubusola Olanrewaju, Camille Pappy, Ellen Pruitt, Caterina Quezada Lozano, Felicia Rugh, Arriana Sajjad, Cody Saunders, Amanda Scanlon, Molly Shaffer,  Jared Stape, Miranda Walker, Marc Weiner, Hayley Weisman, Claudia Wozniak, Kayla York

Faculty Adviser: Professor Audrey McFarlane