The first issue of the University of Baltimore Law Review was published in Winter 1971. Volume 1 Issue 1 contained three student notes, several book reviews, and an article by then-Attorney General Francis B. Burch, an incredible achievement even for eleven ambitious evening students.

The journal has come a long way since that time. Four decades after the publication of our first issue, with a staff of nearly fifty students, the Law Review publishes three issues a year in both digital and print versions. In addition, this student-run website offers an outlet for the timely publication of editorials, commentary, and legal scholarship for the Law Review staff and the local legal community as a whole.

Members of University of Baltimore Law Review, Volume 52

Executive Board
Editor-in-Chief: Alexandra Becnel
Managing Editor: Torra Hausmann
Assistant Managing Editor: Faith Zellman
Production Editors: Ashli Glatfelter, Darnisha Mitchell, Alina Pargamanik, Bradley Rosen
Executive Editor: Victoria Skinner
Articles Editor: Jeffrey Neuman
Comments Editor: Samantha Laulis
Publications Editor: Joseph Canner
Symposium Editor: Kaitlin O’Dowd

Associate Board
Associate Managing Editors: Mandee Heinl, Vidhi Kumar
Associate Comments Editors: Sara Braniecki, Mitchell Dolman, Meriam Mossad, Peri Schuster

Senior Staff Editors
Chase Hoffberger, Brenda Hurford, Hanna Nilles, Rebecca Odelius, Zachary Seidel, Sarah Steinberg

Staff Editors
Iyana Arrington, Nicholas Balzano, Anna Bennett, Paige Boyer, Qiara Butler, Cherie Correlli, Anastasia Couch, Louis Di Filippo, James Duffy, Adam Fetian, Renee Gast, Nathan Jahnigen, Devyn King, Hannah Krehely, David Marshall, Kristine Martinez, Natalie Murphy, Ryan Ricketts, Erin Turvey, Kenneth Wyatt II

Faculty Advisors: Assoc. Professor Matthew Lindsay & Assistant Dean Claudia Diamond