Privacy Rights and Proactive Investigations: Emerging Constitutional Issues in Law Enforcement

Our March 28th symposium examines growing tensions between constitutional safeguard and effective law enforcement in Maryland and across the nation including the validity of DNA databases, new approaches and the latest thinking on witness identifications, and the use of tracking devices after United States v. Jones, with forthcoming articles by several of our panelists serving as theContinue reading “Privacy Rights and Proactive Investigations: Emerging Constitutional Issues in Law Enforcement”

Volume 42 Issue 2

Here’s a look at our latest issue: 1) A Q&A with Keynote Speaker Senator Barbara Mikulski, moderated by Professor Margaret E. Johnson. A full transcript of Senator Mikulski’s remarks at the 2012 Feminist Legal Theory Conference, Applied Feminism and Democracy, is available here. 2) Reflections on VAWA’S Strange Bedfellows: The Partnership between the Battered ImmigrantContinue reading “Volume 42 Issue 2”

Volume 42 Issue 1

Here’s a look at Volume 42 Issue 1: 1) A Critique of Best Practices in Legal Education: Five Things All Law Professors Should Know, by Michael T. Gibson, Professor of Law at the Oklahoma City University School of Law Professor Gibson has written a critique of four of the central claims in Best Practices inContinue reading “Volume 42 Issue 1”