Volume 42 Issue 2

Here’s a look at our latest issue:

1) A Q&A with Keynote Speaker Senator Barbara Mikulski, moderated by Professor Margaret E. Johnson.

A full transcript of Senator Mikulski’s remarks at the 2012 Feminist Legal Theory Conference, Applied Feminism and Democracy, is available here.

2) Reflections on VAWA’S Strange Bedfellows: The Partnership between the Battered Immigrant Women’s Movement and Law Enforcement, by Alizabeth Newman, Clinical Professor at CUNY School of Law.

Professor Newman argues that while legal work and enforcement should be included in the panoply of approaches to eradicating domestic abuse, those approaches will be ineffective and even damaging as the exclusive tactics to the extent that these laws do not reach the root causes of domestic violence and are thus incapable of achieving the primary objective on their own.  This article is intended to contribute to an ongoing dialogue of reflective practitioners and advocates.

3) Beyond a Beautiful Fraud: Using a Human Rights Framework to Realize the Promise of Democracy, by Janel A. George.

Ms. George’s article suggests that the most fitting framework to include the issues of women “historically overlooked by the reproductive rights movement is a human rights framework.”  A full synopsis is available here.

4) Luogo e Spazio, Place and Space: Gender Quotas and Democracy in Italy, by Rachel A. Van Cleave, Dean and Professor of Law, Golden Gate University School of Law.

Dean Van Cleave’s article examines the use of law to exclude women from political space and place in Italy and the impact this has had on women’s citizenship rights as well as the impact on democracy.  A full synopsis is available here.

5) The Case of Two Biological Intended Mothers: Illustrating the Need to Statutorily Define Maternity in Maryland, by Catherine Villareale, Staff Editor, University of Baltimore Law Review. 

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