Selected Comments for Publication in Vol. 49

Congratulations to the following students whose comments have been selected for publication in University of Baltimore Law Review Vol. 49:

Raquel Flynn
Non-Compete Agreement Got You Stuck In Sexual Harassment? #MeToo: An Analysis of the Correlation Between Non-Compete Agreements and Sexual Harassment.

Andrew Harvey
Climate Change & Greenhouse Gasses: Keeping Our Vehicle Emissions Standards Safe.

Shannon Hayden
Reevaluating Maryland’s Child Pornography Laws in the “Send Nudes” Era. 

Elizabeth McKelvy
The Faithless Servant Doctrine: An Employer’s Remedy For Workplace Sexual Harassment.

Bridget Mentzer
Day of Reckoning: Trump, The Emoluments Clauses, and Preventing Corruption of the Presidency. 

Rebekah Nickerson
Examining The Need For A Unified Theory Among The United States Federal Circuits in the Application of the Sentencing Enhancement of Abduction in Crimes of Robbery.

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