Practitioner Series: Valuation 101

By Robert Carter¹ Business valuations are utilized in litigation and other proceedings, which are often crucial tools for proving the legitimacy of a claim. Still, the topic of business valuations can be daunting and many misunderstand the development and intrinsic value of business valuations. For simplification purposes, a valuation encompasses the following components: gathering andContinue reading “Practitioner Series: Valuation 101”

Practitioner Series: How to Choose Your Economic Expert

By Robert Carter¹ Simply put, choosing an economic expert is hard. How are you supposed to pick the best expert in a field you don’t know? It’s the equivalent of trying to find the next Michael Jordan when you’ve only played or followed soccer. By gaining an understanding of an expert’s educational and professional background,Continue reading “Practitioner Series: How to Choose Your Economic Expert”

Practitioner Series: When Should You Retain an Economic Witness?

By Robert Carter¹ In the litigation arena, it’s more likely than not that a time will come when you need an economic expert. Even if pursuing mediation, arbitration or a collaborative approach, obtaining an expert may be essential for success. Even if a case is destined to settle, a report from an economic expert mayContinue reading “Practitioner Series: When Should You Retain an Economic Witness?”