Practitioner Series: When Should You Retain an Economic Witness?

By Robert Carter¹

In the litigation arena, it’s more likely than not that a time will come when you need an economic expert. Even if pursuing mediation, arbitration or a collaborative approach, obtaining an expert may be essential for success. Even if a case is destined to settle, a report from an economic expert may speed the process along or give added weight to your argument. The key is to determine when an expert should be retained.

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Call For Papers: Applied Feminism and Work

The University of Baltimore School of Law’s Center on Applied Feminism seeks submissions for its Eighth Annual Feminist Legal Theory Conference.  This year’s theme is “Applied Feminism and Work.”  The conference will be held on March 5 and 6, 2015. For more information about the conference, please visit

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Article: Sitting By The Well: The Case For Intercultural Competency Training In International Experiential Learning

By Jeffrey Blumberg¹

“Sit by the well.” This was the guiding principle by which a friend and fellow returned Peace Corps volunteer, who served in Africa in the 1960s, conducted her volunteer service. She explained that volunteers were instructed to listen, learn, adapt and integrate culturally, and understand their cultural settings. Volunteers were given permission to not immediately “accomplish” but first understand the context of their volunteer assignments and the nuances of local players’ inter-relationships, cultural norms, and community needs. It was only after having this period of reflection that volunteers would be considered ready to roll up their sleeves and go about undertaking their assignments. This concept of sitting by the well is tantamount to obtaining intercultural competency before setting out to conduct community development work.

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