The Future of Climate Change Liability: A Jurisdictional Battle

*Sarah Steinberg I. Introduction On July 20, 2018, the City of Baltimore filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City against twenty-six fossil fuel companies (collectively, the “defendants”).[1] The City contends that these energy companies should pay the costs associated with climate change in Baltimore.[2] The City alleged that the oil companies engagedContinue reading “The Future of Climate Change Liability: A Jurisdictional Battle”

The Legality and Ethics of Court-Ordered Defendant Vaccination

*Samantha Laulis I. Introduction As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, concern regarding vaccination rates continues increasing.[1] The Delta variant has raised additional concerns about community spread and underscored the importance of vaccination.[2] As a result, many employers, universities, and private businesses now mandate vaccines for in-person return.[3] However, the vaccine mandates continue to generate considerable debateContinue reading “The Legality and Ethics of Court-Ordered Defendant Vaccination”