Technology Advancements in Automobiles Bring Serious Privacy Concerns as Car Makers Appropriate Personal Data from Drivers

*Zachary Seidel I. Introduction The CEO of one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world said it best: “We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you’re doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing.”[1] Jim Farley, the current CEO of Ford Motor Company, continued byContinue reading “Technology Advancements in Automobiles Bring Serious Privacy Concerns as Car Makers Appropriate Personal Data from Drivers”

“Every Move You Make, Every Step You Take…”: New Legal Concerns Over Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology

*Lisa Blitstein In 2020, uncovered faces and public outings are a rarity as Americans wear face masks and stay home to prevent COVID-19.[1]  But while people see each other less than ever before, Congress is assessing how government entities collect data on our faces, specifically through federal use of facial recognition and biometric identification technology.[2]

King v. Maryland

On Friday, November 9, 2012, the Supreme Court announced that it would review Maryland v. King this year, and in the process rule on the constitutionality of the state’s controversial DNA collection law, which allowed police to obtain a DNA sample from arrestees suspected of violent crimes or burglary for comparison against the state’s databaseContinue reading “King v. Maryland”

Volume 42 Issue 3

Our March 28, 2013 symposium, Privacy Rights and Proactive Investigations: Emerging Constitutional Issues in Law Enforcement, brought together leading scholars and practitioners to explore three issues that have once more thrust Maryland to the frontier of law enforcement: the validity of DNA databases, new approaches and the latest thinking on witness identifications, and the use of trackingContinue reading “Volume 42 Issue 3”

March 28th Symposium

Please join the University of Baltimore Law Review and our group of distinguished panelists for our upcoming symposium: PRIVACY RIGHTS AND PROACTIVE INVESTIGATIONS: EMERGING CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES IN LAW ENFORCEMENT Date: Thursday, March 28, 2013 Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Location: The University of Baltimore School of Law, Moot Court Room Moderator: Thiru Vignarajah, ChiefContinue reading “March 28th Symposium”