Criminalization of Pregnancy

*Cherie Correlli I. Introduction All over the United States, states are charging pregnant women[1] with crimes under fetal protection laws and recognizing the fetus as a legal victim at a rapidly accelerating rate.[2] Criminalization of pregnancy includes penalizing individuals for actions during their own pregnancies, enforcing laws that punish actions during pregnancy that would notContinue reading “Criminalization of Pregnancy”

Medical Coercion During Pregnancy and Childbirth

*Cherie Correlli I. Introduction Maternity care is a distinctive medical setting in which there is a startling lack of informed-consent-based medical procedures.[1] Women’s reports of their care indicate that interventions are routinely performed without meaningful consent, violating their autonomy in medical decision-making.[2] These interventions may include medical inductions, medications, mobility-limiting fetal monitoring methods, episiotomies, andContinue reading “Medical Coercion During Pregnancy and Childbirth”