Criminalization of Pregnancy

*Cherie Correlli I. Introduction All over the United States, states are charging pregnant women[1] with crimes under fetal protection laws and recognizing the fetus as a legal victim at a rapidly accelerating rate.[2] Criminalization of pregnancy includes penalizing individuals for actions during their own pregnancies, enforcing laws that punish actions during pregnancy that would notContinue reading “Criminalization of Pregnancy”

“Extraordinary and Compelling”: The Circuit Split Barrier to Compassionate Release Motions

*Kenneth Wyatt II I. What is “Extraordinary and Compelling”? For almost five decades, people incarcerated in federal prisons have faced barriers to early release from their sentences.[1] However, in 2018, Congress passed the First Step Act (FSA). The FSA, among other things, amended the U.S. Code’s compassionate release statute,[2] granting courts the ability to actContinue reading ““Extraordinary and Compelling”: The Circuit Split Barrier to Compassionate Release Motions”

Marijuana Expungement in Maryland: Ready for Reform?

*Natalie Murphy I. Introduction Maryland recently voted to legalize recreational cannabis after decades of political activism on the issue.[1] However, legalization alone is not enough to fix the damage decades of racist cannabis enforcement imposed on Black Marylanders.[2] An expungement provision in Maryland’s House Bill 837 (HB 837) seeks to recognize the unequal history ofContinue reading “Marijuana Expungement in Maryland: Ready for Reform?”

What’s Next for Forensic Genetic Genotyping in Maryland?

*Natalie Murphy I. Introduction In 2021, Maryland passed the world’s first law regulating the use of forensic genetic genealogy (FGG).[1] Although this law constitutes a massive step towards safeguarding public privacy, broader criticisms of forensic science call attention to additional areas to monitor regarding Maryland’s FGG usage.[2] Maryland’s FGG policies leave open questions regarding FourthContinue reading “What’s Next for Forensic Genetic Genotyping in Maryland?”